O is to re-start a what the music itself offers. ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ which comes from the classic literary work by the 14th Century poem writer Dante Alighieri, now is being brought into the fold by this Canadian electronic music artist, where she is expected to do a handful of creative arrangements in connection with it.

For starters, will release a song for every sin, which will leave 8 tracks behind in total and an extensive catalog to look back on.

2 songs are currently public as a soft roll out of the project has already gave way. Yet a re-launching of sorts, paired with unique social content to come with the sounds, will give a deeper viewpoint into the creative direction O Cinnedi has planned.

Innocence, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth.

Check out the songs out currently and follow O Cinnedi to experience every layer that this soloist has pain-staking planned for the world to experience.

Source: Daily Beat


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