San Pacho at when he aligned with Matroda for an underground sizzler known to streamers as “La Pasion.” Well, our heads are turning once more in the Croatian producer’s direction, inching our ears closer to the dance-worthy sounds of his Mandala EP. Titularly, Mandala EP is a nod to San ’s belief that has inherently spiritual aspects, and the project is his translation of these components into his own sound. It also pays tribute to his intrinsic motivations, he said in an official release, stating,

“When I was creating this EP, I really wanted to implement some of the inspirations from my daily life into it. I named it Mandala EP because I got a mandala-inspired tattoo when I was first starting to take music seriously, and it gave me the drive to keep on grinding and making a name for myself.”

The three-pack of candidates for heavy rotation contains a standout, “The Pressure,” which gained traction thanks to its singular release ahead of the Mandala EP‘s full-fledged arrival. The crepuscular character of this opening number and its “advanced sound design” give way to “Set Me Free,” an inclusion that “dives into the classical house side of me but still contains the same elements that make it a San Pacho track,” the up-and-comer remarked.

At the Mandala EP‘s close comes “Spicy Mama,” a “fun tech-house tune with trippy topliners over a catchy disco vocal,” per San Pacho. “I really had fun doing it because the vocal just sits so well in the track and the synths are all just my usual BS,” he added.

The Mandala EP is out now via ’s Terminal Underground, so break out the dancin’ shoes and get stomping to San Pacho’s latest offering below.

Featured image: San Pacho/Facebook

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