is all too in the of EDM. are of of dance songs that come online every day and separating the worthy from the mediocre isn’t always easy.

Enter: . He’s a USA-based electronic artist that is going way beyond the call of duty to stitch together a brilliant concept that gives a Disney-like happiness that our souls yearn for.

,” highlights an authentic message of getting in touch with your innocent, child-like side and trusting that this pure spirit will guide you righteously through life. Centineo blends in a ton of human aspects through his own home-videos of him as a child – there’s absolutely a fairy-tale feeling that is inescapable and completely done right here.

The single is framed with an electro- genre embracement and super catchy toplines that fit right into the theme that’d being pushed.

Centineo has released on labels like Revealed Recordings, been supported by names like Tritonal, Cash Cash, Shaun Frank, and Wolfpack, plus has been supported by outlets like Sirius XM’s Electric Area and BPM/Diplo’s Revolution Radio. This isn’t his first rodeo and his developed skillset shows.

“Believe Again,” does so many things right that is missing from dance music today.

Source: Daily Beat


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