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Hailing from Manchester has carved his own very impressive groove through electronic music with a multitude of sell out releases on his own Ruf Kutz label attesting to the love he has from DJ’s and music lovers alike.

His latest release see’s him make a rare appearance outside his own label landing on the ever impressive . Collaborating with fellow Mancunian the rather brilliant Make This Right 12″ see’s them take flight from their hometown to the streets of Downtown Detroit creating something of a future classic. Featuring an absolute scorcher of a vocal version, the deeper sparky 808 driven dub alongside an oldschool ‘beat-a-pella’ it’s a masterclass of a release overflowing with production meets DJ know how.

To celebrate the release we asked Rug Dug to put together a Top 10 of his favoruite Detroit jams. As you would expect from a man who lives an breathes the scene it’s packed with stone cold gems.

Grab Ruf Dug and Lovescene’s Make This Right EP from:

Ruf Dug’s Detroit Top 10

Metroplex Social Club – Hubble

For me this one contains all the core Detroit elements – rough drums, super funky baseline, ultra emotive strings and a fuckin mad jazzy solo synth from the future. BIG VIBE

Underground Resistance – Transition

Could jam this list solely with UR tracks and it wouldn’t be a bad thing… only one to pick though and it’s got to be this one for me… vocal gets me every time.

The Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall

Theo!!!! THEEEEOOOOOOOO!!!!! Strings in 4-D!!! THOSE STRINGS!

Model 500 – Starlight

All hail the originator, the biggest genius of them all… I love that as well as being so beautiful and perfect this tune formed part of a Detroit-Berlin dialogue… communication…

Paperclip People – The climax

Probs not long till Carl Craig gets cancelled so play this as much as you can while u still can… one of my original ecstasy tunes this…

Kyle Hall – Down

4th wave? 5th wave? One of the newer Detroit heads bringing the vibes

MIA feat Tek Brothers – All I See

Bit obscure but the soul in this goes deep for days

Los Hermanos – My Mothers Guitarra

U WOT? Funky baselines and guitars? ? Really? Yes you bet.

The Martian – Stardancer

More trance than anything the dutch could do – top tip: play it at 33 for Vladimir Ivkovic-beating tackle

Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits

I mean again u could have 10 Moodymann tracks and u’d still have missed out a load of belters… I love this roller soooo much!

Grab Ruf Dug and Lovescene’s Make This Right EP from:

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