by on 16, 2021

Hailing India,  is one of the new the scene, and a name we’ll be hearing a lot more from now on. At a very young age, he has already hit a number of massive milestones due to his immense production , among them being enlisted to work on sample packs for companies like CR2 Records and Audentity Records, record special mixes for promotional channels DeepTropical and YUYU1162, and release on labels such as CR2 Records and Audentity Records. 

Now, following his immersive future bass gem with Harley Bird, “Show Me The Way,” that was released via Simplify Recordings, Narayan has returned with yet another gem, this time teaming up with veteran musician to share “Crawling.” Out via OXYTIME, “Crawling” perfectly showcases Narayan’s versatility as an artist, seeing him perfectly incorporate ethnic influences into an unapologetically modern club production, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear more from him. 

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