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Hot off the of his 2nd Me,” Xavier returns with “.” The is his 3rd to date from the G- based EP. Since starting to release original music and go beyond live mixes, hasn’t had to self-release any of his music, getting signed to labels straight away on both EPs, the previous one being Go To Church EP via User Friendly and this one being signed to iamrecords.

It’s a strong, original sound that is causing demand to go up around this solo DJ/producer. He’s very precise to drop music that falls in certain barriers, but doesn’t narrow his viewpoint too thin where his music sounds repetitive.

“Make That Kitty Purr,” could be one of the top examples of this that he’s released to date. Featuring quirky samples and fun novelties, without sacrificing integrity or a feeling that the track is apart of a bigger picture.

The intelligence put into practice is paying off.  Claude Von Stroke, Volac, and BIJOU have had him open for them; some serious heavy hitters in the industry. Just a few weeks back, he played Tempo Ultra Lounge alongside black a.m. and he’s now topped over 125,000 streams across a mere 5 releases. Thomas Xavier has 1 more track off of this EP before moving on to the next chapter of sonic gems. Most likely set to drop in September if the pattern continues, his dependability with good music and rational direction will serve him well.

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