to the , ‘ new WildFlower’ has on the new Anjunabeats Rising EP.

The entrancing new gem has a way of reaching you on the inside, right where you need it. The solid build-up of prepares you for all the euphoric vibes to come and bursts with essential deep Trance flavours.

“I never thought I would be making this post, though, after 7 long hard years, I feel unbelievably fortunate to be laying pen to paper on this contract and finally join the Anjunabeats family. There have been many times when I have lost hope and given up, however, thankfully I had the encouragement of my friends and family to keep moving forward and believing in me. No matter where you are in life, never give up! Dreams do come true!” Tygris wrote to fans on his Facebook page last month.

Built on amazing atmospheres and wondrous melodies, ‘WildFlower’ marks an Anjunabeats label debut so stunning you won’t be able to leave the repeat button alone. And you’ve got Australia’s Tygris to thank for that.

Listen to ‘WildFlower’ below.

Source: Trance Project


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