Nitti Gritti and Valentino Khan fused uproarious comedy with an absolute club smash, this time landing via Spinnin Records. Touting a heaping dose of bass-house fervor, “” brings about the best of both producers for a well-rounded catalog standout.

Taking to social media, the two posted a video of their latest “DJ Class 101,” a segment dedicated to prepping classmates for the ultimate DJ lifestyle, including but not limited to, boozing, private jets, and a jam-packed calendar itinerary. The hilarity ensues as their latest track reverberates in the background, culminating in a bumping bass line and a resounding house-primed temp. As live shows come back, and sink their teeth into “Your Body,” turning out a setlist ignitor just as the festival circuit jumps back into action.

Get moving and stream “Your Body” below.

Featured image: Acre Media

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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