has a man as of , the of three different aliases (, Moodshift, and his own moniker). his Hans Göran name, Nord has created another feel-good track featuring , “LIMONCELLO.”

Uplifting in every way, shape, and form, the track provides infectious good vibes while being accompanied by a short music video depicting the production of the Italian lemon liqueur, limoncello.

Nord told us that “‘Limoncello’ is the first and only collab on the upcoming EP “A Summer With Hans Göran”. Flyckt who is one of my closest friends had an amazing demo he sent me and we had discussed doing something together. The track had a euphoric “stay up till sunrise” type feel to it which was something the EP was kinda missing. I basically put my spin to the track and it took a different more Hans Göran shape but still had that euphoria. It’s a great track to start your day with but as we all know Limoncello is the perfect way to end a good night!”

Enjoy the song and video below.

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