by , , out-does himself on the three-partner titled EP. Based in South Africa, Bad , clearly is in-the-know when it comes to relevant sounds that fit the modern era.

“Five,” “No Space,” and “Flick,” make up the EP. Dark, haunting at times, and perfect if you are doing an overnight coding session for sure, Bad Disk knows how to take the listening experience to the next dimension. No Spaces EP shares a progressive and electro stance that leaves the end-listener wondering what will come next. Pulsing 128 tempos and an all instrumental embracement shuts out the modern world and lets you be fully in the moment – the music being in control before you know it.

The sound was natural to the label it’s partnered with, Emercive. Founded in 2018 by electronic musician Rhyot, it doesn’t sacrifice quality over, let’s say, maintaining a certain number of signings annually. The label clearly has a system of artist discovery and healthy marketing as elements surrounding this label seem to be improving, time after time.

A network of young artist and and ambitious music business heads come together in a harmonious way to get No Space EP out to the masses. That’s a beautiful thing.

Source: Daily Beat


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