After a little over six years of inactivity on the albums end, Porter Robinson is back.

In a Q&A-style follow-up to his Worlds successor, Nurture, Robinson took to Reddit to answer fans’ questions via an AMA hosted on r/porter_robinson. In some ways, the post-release Reddit AMA, hosted on April 29, became a new tradition for Robinson, who notably held one after the revelation of Worlds in 2014. Spanning his lyrical approaches to his philanthropic efforts with the Robinson Malawi Fund, the Reddit AMA leaves virtually no stone unturned. Dancing Astronaut presents highlights from the AMA below.

Like just about everyone, Porter Robinson has experienced imposter syndrome, but has some tips for how to handle it when it strikes.

“Trying to Feel Alive” was the “hardest vocal” on Nurture to “get right.”

Robinson’s advice to lyric writers? Write down any turn of phrase that resonates with you for creative safekeeping.

He’s not satisfied with his own music unless he feels as “immersed” as possible; he wants to be able to “GO there,” where the music should take him.

Whereas Virtual Self conceptually began with images that “would be the core of the inspiration,” Nurture “came from a certain feeling” in Robinson’s heart, and he would take photos that “captured that feeling.

“Mother” was written with Robinson’s mother in mind, who was a pillar of strength for their family amid his brother’s cancer diagnosis, which led the producer to establish the Robinson Malawi fund.

Robinson never wanted to make a second Worlds; reinventing himself is one of the things that “drives” him.

To get himself out of creative slumps, he’ll explore techniques that he isn’t very familiar with.

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