don be at a and we are for it. You could say he’s bringing a whole new meaning to the term redlining!

While it might seem like a strange crossover, turns out Coxxy is a big-time motorsport fan and even has his own team of drivers and riders globally. Adding to that, he’s actually part of the 6-second club after consistently steering his big turbo Capri down the strip.

It all goes down May 7th at Eastern Creek dragway for the fittingly dubbed ‘Gulf Western Oil Nitro Thunder 2021” which will feature some high octane cars and even higher octane beats.

In a chat with organisers, it’ll look like Cox will be performing the Friday on the actual burnout pad post-racing which would be a huge thrill for anyone. Check out the interview below.

Tickets start at around $17 for the kids and $32.50 for the big kids for those wanting to head along! Need something to get you in the mood? Dive into his 2019 Burning Man set here.

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music


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