Jounce did not get to the of or at in go , the LA mainstay ended 2020 feeling sky high, in love and inspired to release, ‘My Ecstasy’.  The uplifting tune built with progressive pads, high vibrations and deep basses that oozes with sentimental lyrics, did not go unnoticed as 2021 brought the ‘My Ecstasy’ remix package.

Featuring Brooklyn’s Emism, Solvenia’s Ortox and Los Angeles’ Jaureguii, the ‘My Ecstasy’ remixes are at the forefront of electronic music, branching into big room, electro , melodic and tech house making them suitable for any floor of the club.

Emism remix is a beautiful arrangement with retro synths and a progressive, tech house feel.  His remix is the grand finale following Jaureguii’s melodic techno edition and Ortox’s main stage banger.

Emism‘s shares on his remix: “ and I were looking for an opportunity to collaborate and I think this remix is the first of many endeavors.” In 2019 Emism’s debut ‘Paros’, a synth wave house track became a Martin Garrix favorite.  Continuing to experiment with tones his sophomore release ‘Ghost’ was picked up by Germany’s beloved BNU Records. Last year Emism also put out a reboot of Maxim Lany’s ‘Closer’ as an essential free download.

Los Angeles talent Jaureguii embraces techno, trance and progressive currents. His releases has received support from guys like Cosmic Gate, Hardwell and JES. Jaureguii demonstrates his broad skill set not only as a solo artist,but also alongside Blake Bateman as the haunting DJ  duo VENDETTA, who have multiple tracks signed to Armin Van Buuren’s record label, Armada.

Rising DJ and Producer, Ortox out of Ljubljana, Slovenia has earned recognition from Dannic, Kryder, Lumberjack and DJ Umek while landing unforgettable DJ spots at major events and nightclubs.  It will be exciting to see the releases Ortox has in pipeline arriving on big record labels in the near future that will continue to snowball his success.

Jounce’s experiences that include touring the world, playing at the finest venues from Pacha in Ibiza to LA Exchange, with stops in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Coasta Rica and Seoul have helped mold his widely appealing sound.  Considering ‘My Ecstasy’ called for a Spanish version, his former electro house release ‘Get Up’ with Kyroman hit the Top 30 on Beatport’s Electro House Chart and his timeless festival anthem, ‘Nobody Knows‘, with Christina Novelli (tyDi, Gareth Emery, and Dash Berlin) is still a favorite, Jounce has no doubt become a reliable household name.  Enjoy Jounce’s Spotify playlist that reveal tracks for his DJ sets.

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