now can . We a set in in you could have only 50 on a Dance-floor which was very hard for our venues security to manage, so now with this limited removed finally everyone can enjoy the music once again and let loose.

One thing with Vinyl sets is that we can play a lot more Tunes that are not available digitally. We have gone through about 4000 records in the past few weeks and picked out a big pile of tunes, some of which we have never played in our Open to Close sets. I dare say there will be a lot of Spin backs.

Along with the Anthems there is also the hidden Gems. What we do miss about the 90s Trance is definitely playing the tracks out at an actual event on Vinyl. It’s very rare that we can present a Vinyl set out live due to venues not being equipped for this so given the opportunity with this event we jumped at it, though again with equipment we have had to buy another pair of Turntables just in case anything goes wrong.

There has once again been a big shift with Trance DJs to play a lot of Classic set, especially through social media streaming platforms. What we are seeing now is the new generation of Classic Trance fans emerging and discovering the tunes. Whats also been great is seeing once again DJs playing Vinyl sets as well as releasing Limited edition Vinyl of their works.

Whats not to love about Sydney’s scene? One thing we love is the support of some of our Trance lovers. They are the ones who constantly share events and memories plus also are the first in the door and last to leave. We come across a few people lately who put in the dedication to support each event we have put on under our Trance Central brand.

Photo: SHOT by BAZ – Basil Pantazis Photography

Currently we are just finishing off our long awaited Artist Album of original tracks which we will be releasing both Digitally and on Vinyl. We also are working on a remixed Album from this which will have some amazing Talent on board to give their own spin on them. So a lot of new music coming up in 2021 and lots of Local Australian shows.

Source: Trance Project


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