BLF Lab a EP for Balfa‘s Perfecta De La Decadencia‘, bringing on board Roseen, BLF, Blush Response, Oscar Mulero and Gimenö to rework Balfa’s originals.

The remixes of ‘Perfecta Analogía De La Decadencia‘ arrive quite some time after the originals landed all the way back in September 2019, yet the delay does nothing to stop the urgency of the material here, with each member of the cast delivering a blast of furnace-grade heat for the dance floor.

Gimenö delivers two remixes, with his ‘Warp‘ remix of ‘Sobreestímulos‘ held back for the full package purchasers as a bonus track. True to the title, this version of Gimenö’s remix piles on the hyper-speed frequencies to deliver a hyper-tough techno roller for the late, dark nights.

Repetition is the key element driving the remix forward from the opening bar to the final fade out, with Gimenö’s apparent understanding of what kicks a dance floor into 5th gear revealing itself in the quiet variation of the stressed beat. Cyclical techno hypnotism in its rawest nature.

Analogía De La Decadencia Remixes’ is scheduled for release 16 March via BLF Lab. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Afloración (Roseen Remix)
2. Sobreestímulos (Gimenö Remix)
3. Como Si De Agua Se Tratase (BLF Remix)
4. Auto-Introducción (Oscar Mulero Remix)
5. Posmodernismo (Blush Response Remix)
6. BONUS | Sobreestímulos (Gimenö Warp Remix)
7. BONUS | Tu Ansiedad Como Receta (Roseen Different Places Mix)

Source: Inverted Audio


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