the of , Space Taco co-founder Dylan Coss and Spoon Fed Records producer SKONKA release PHAT (Pretty Hot & Tempting), a fiery two-track EP featuring tracks ‘PHAT (Pretty Hot & Tempting)’ and ‘Choices’.

Released on Fed at the end of February, the poppin’ poolside EP brings an ecstatic vibrancy that entices listeners to let loose on the dancefloor. The EP explores the sounds of Bass House and - fusing the two styles fostering a bouncy, electric and groovy arrangement. ‘PHAT’ a booty poppin’ tune starts with bouncy kicks proceeded by catchy vocals, riding in with buttery percussions that are spread throughout the tune. ‘Choices’ too embraces kicks, however with an acid, bubbly sensation mixed with vocals and synths.

The aptitude of and SKONKA is showcased in this EP. Listen to the EP here.

Source: Daily Beat


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