As CloZee her her new , she to Gravitas Recordings to the next generation of artists. has curated her first compilation titled Emergence, featuring a tracklist from 15 emerging artists. In these troubling times, Emergence symbolizes unity and beauty through music. 

Emergence CloZee

Offering plenty of chill and psy-bass to feed the mind and body, CloZee’s select compilation showcases her roots and the new branches of the realm. No fillers and top-notch grime make this collection worth falling into without hesitation. While listening, enjoy thatDROP’s artist breakdown. 

Dreamers Delight

Kicking off this compilation playlist is Dreamer’s Delight, a vibey low tempo artist that plays the soul just right.


Esseks is a dubstep DJ that’s been on the scene making some of the murkiest, flowy bass music. This is a name to be reckoned with.


Fakear bumps the feel good to 11 with his signature electronic sounds.


Habitaat crosses his t’s, dots his i’s and lays the beat down with every track.


The artist capshun brings it back with his bops that explore time.

Lil Fish

Lil Fish keeps it steady and locked with his epic explorations through the soundscape.


Skysia plays with the bassline as the bassline plays with your being.


An-Ten-Nae is a bass artist based around feeling his groove.


Ahee drops some wonky bass grooves that fit just right into the weekend.



Dysphemic injects his own brand of electronic bass into his music, unbound by genre.



NotLö is a dubstep artist that uses slow, rhythmic pulses. It is a vibe.

nok nok

nok nok uses skillful production techniques, sewing together dense electronic beats that control the dancefloor.


Orenda plays with expectation on every bar, using his own flavor as his music sways.

Bass Temple

Bass Temple is reminiscent of old school electronic mixed with modern bass sensibilities.

Klasey Jones

Klasey Jones weaves bot the visual aesthetic and the funky groove of his own brand into his music.


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