28, 2021

big to us how . And not to bury the headline, but this is his first release on his new label . Setting the tone for what is to come in the future.

Wilkinson has that knack for epic tracks. And this one is definitely in that same tradition.

A classic rising build up and a drop that belongs on a main stage and it knows it (more on that later). This one is pure Wilkinson all the way. It’s bouncy and fun without being empty and vapid. The back and forth between the bass and the synth notes is pretty damn memorable and one of those tunes that sticks in your head after the festival fog clears. If you had any doubts that Wilkinson is one of the masters of that epic, big main stage festival sound, this should lay them to rest. However, he has said with Sleepless Music that he’s creating a platform and the tools for artists apart from everything being about live performance. Which is fine by me, cuz I think this one will play great in the car too.

If this first release is any indication, Wilkinson is well on the way with Sleepless Music. A great first effort to launch a label.





Sleepless Music


Source: DNB Vault


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