Ophelia Crystal Skies a of melodic bass releases that have contributed to their status as staples on the Seven Lions-helmed label over the past few years. Pushing dynamic and breathtaking productions like the five-track Collide EP, quadruple-headed collaboration “Foolish of Me,” and the genre-bending Abraxis-joined “Night Rider,” the U.S. duo have forged an undeniable sonic identity that now transmutes itself into a fresh facet as enter their first release of 2021 and conjunctive original debut on Enhanced Music.

Joined by Norwegian singer-songwriter , Skies crossover their sound in an uplifting application on “Used To Love,” exchanging emotive dubstep for anthemic dance . Euphoric instrumentals and dance-pop elements bolster an invigorating vocal performance from , whose feel-good and universally-resonant lyrics form the basis for a commercially viable track, on both radio and stages.

Stream Crystal Skies and Ekko’s “Used To Love” below.

Featured image: @silkyshots/Instagram

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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