ACRAZE is his for on his new ,” distributed via . The Floridian producer gives Lipps Inc.’s disco-funk classic “Funkytown” a modern electronic facelift by adding basslines and explosive percussive club grooves. Of the release of “ said,

“Growing up, my parents would always play classic records for me when I was a kid. ‘ Town’ was one of those songs where I would dance all over the living room, on the couch, and even around the kitchen. When I first got into producing, I had an idea of flipping ‘ Town’ in my own way but didn’t go as planned. I hope you guys enjoy this record as much as I did making it.”

ACRAZE’s versatility, demonstrated to date across dubstep and house, has scored him releases on labels such as CONFESSION and Interscope Records. The Orlando native most recently received airplay for “Marco Polo” and “Brooklyn,” from DJ Snake and Malaa‘s third back-to-back Secret Room livestream.

Stream “Funky Town” below.

Featured image: Eric Cunningham

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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