Swedish ’s What About My Love” is making a return to the release radar with a 2-track remix pack. The new EP features a driving reinterpretation from the U.K.’s former BBC Radio 1 personality MistaJam, in addition to a rework from established Stockholm-based talent Tobtok.

MistaJam’s rendition of the tune immediately begins with a Balearic-esque beat, quickly accompanied by a propulsively driving rhythm and textured vocal cut. The remix steadily builds throughout and is eventually unleashed in full force with a hefty bass drop, various instrumentation, and a palpable sense of sonic wonder. The sensibilities present in the source material are kept much in place, but with a drop of much-needed piano house added for flair.

Taking things in a slightly different direction, Tobtok’s remix kicks off with a more subdued, mellow tone. The piano is also prominently featured here as well, alongside an energetically propelling four-on-the-floor beat. The three-minute musical endeavor finishes with a hard-hitting punch, featuring the saxophone, a soaring vocal, and larger-than-life, feelgood deep house production elements. 

Enjoy the remixes below.

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