“Every new end,” as Semisonic said, and years later, the lyric is proving applicable to Fairlane‘s cover of Imagine Dragons‘ “.” Rewind a couple of years, to a point when the ascendant Canadian talent had not only a remix of the impassioned 2017 original in hand, but also a refusal from the client who’d commissioned the ghost-produced spin. “This record has always been one of those ‘happy mistakes’ for me. I still remember receiving the e-mail from the client telling me they’d rejected my ghost production,” told Dancing Astronaut.

Though the remix was dubbed “too different” by the client, when Fairlane digitally disseminated it under his own name, the internet—evidently—did not agree. “No one could have predicted the original remix going as viral as it did, but looking back, I’m glad they passed on it,” Fairlane reflected. “Two years later, the [initial] upload has 160 million streams, and I finally get to release my version as a cover!” That is precisely what listeners can find on all major streaming platforms as of January 15.

The spry pop-electronic spin, which follows Fairlane’s December delivery, “nature,” reinvigorates Evolve inclusion to the tune of Fairlane’s own ingenuity. Find it below.

Featured image: Sara Aces

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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