Exactly one ago, ’s The gGmbH (non-profit) was and is its first small anniversary of existence.  Not a matter of course after a year like 2020.

Rave The Planet has already successfully received over 390,000.00 Euros in donations from over 24,000 people from all over the world. Among other goals, to realise a new parade in Berlin in the spirit of the original .

The non-profit organisation, which includes legend Dr. Motte, focuses on three major goals.

1. To protect, promote and develop the culture of electronic dance in all its forms. And to develop it further. To promote its own as well as other charitable projects in the long term.

2. To classify the culture of electronic dance music as an Immaterial Cultural Heritage under the UNESCO.

3. To establish an official celebration of electronic dance music culture, with an annual event: A new parade, in the spirit of the Berlin Loveparade, based on its original values, progressively designed for the 21st century.

The “” has now been postponed to 09 July 2022. And also the dates for the following years are secured and registered with the authorities. Hopefully nothing will stand in the way of a united and healthy “We are one family” spirit.

To promote techno culture and shorten the waiting time, Rave The Planet also presents the weekly live stream “Instant Rave with acts such as Bebetta, Christian Smith, Felix Kröcher, Gabriel Ananda, Mathew Jonson, Oliver Huntemann, Terranova, Tiefschwarz, Nakadia, Mr  Raoul K and Westbam.

While come Feburary you can look out for a new EP series in partnership with Love Parade and Italy’s melodic techno ambassador, Frankyeffe and his Riot Recordings rooster.

Sample sets and “Instant Moments” from techno’s finest

Rave The Planet Online: 

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