The of AYOR off an was capped off the release of their latest single, “Chemicals“, via . The record label was founded by world-renowned Dutch DJ Martin Garrix in late 2016 and has found a lot of success in recent years, signing tons of up and coming talent. is one of their more recent signings, and they are certainly not here to mess around. Their is levels ahead of their popularity, and this will most definitely be their breakout year!

Chemicals” is a dance music banger with a fantastic thick sultry bassline. It’s a refreshing style that is something you don’t hear in most new tracks. The raspy auto-tuned vocals are so unique and draw you in the second he starts singing. The lyrics are very relatable and talk about how sometimes it’s hard to control those chemicals in your brain when you really want something. You can tell AYOR wanted to leave the song up for interpretation and let the listener decided what chemicals are calling them. It’s such a creative piece and a huge step in the right direction for these young men!

Prior to this release, AYOR has stayed pretty busy throughout the year despite all the setbacks. In May, they released “Set Me Free” with Magnificence, and it’s one of their most popular releases to date. Another big release this year is “Taken,” which dropped just before thanksgiving, and it appears to be part of the same project as Chemicals. The boys have something that for so long has been lost, and we as a community are so lucky to have them. I think I can speak for all their fans when I say this, “the best is yet to come.”


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