2, 2021

’s the Lock has had a year with his own releases as well as building an impressive roster of talent. He starts out the New Year coming out the corner swinging with ‘s first effort for .

Master Error had an amazingly productive year in 2020 with upwards of 40 tracks released. Which is pretty damn impressive for anyone. He’s clearly on a mission to put himself on the map. This is a good start to the year for him right out of the gates.

The A side ‘Find Our Way’ comes in with atmospheric synths and vocals adding in a punctuated drum beat and at the drop goes into some really vibey experimental bass and subs that are almost “chatty”. Minimal drums and atmospheric pads with washes of vocals. The main feature here is that warping talking synth bass line. The breakdown brings back the vocals and atmospherics. If your a listener, you’ll notice a lot of fills and elements in the background. There’s a lot of subtitles here that would be easy to miss on a first listen. It’s got a lot of mood if you know what I mean.

The B side ‘Mankind’ comes in harder with a more straight forward snare, hi hat, and kick drum. But, Master Error keeps on experimenting with chopping up the some of the nastiest bass synths I’ve heard in quite some time. Stabbing, chopping, stuttering and stammering it’s way to the breakdown. That robot voice sample and right back into what sounds like the soundtrack to the robot apocalypse. This is what robots listen to as they hunt the stray humans that escaped. You get the idea.

Hey, I hear that our new robot overlords have some good dance moves anyway.



Master Error


Pick the Lock Records


Source: DNB Vault


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