A of and genre’s are of the , ‘Vortex,’ an breed of a single.

– a visionary and strong networker of sorts – doesn’t leave much off the table when it comes to getting a great exported sound out in the world and meaningful fan-to-artist moments rendered over the course of his career.

Vortex (ft Realssm),’ tackles breaks, jazz (for lack of a better term,) and a soothing framework to synthesize a surprising, catchy, and very-workable music original

Having formulated shows/event series at LA clubs such as Catch One, Senator Jones, Nameless, Townhouse, Sayers Club and garnering the support of RAC, Audius, and outlets like Dancing Astronaut, Luhv is sort of categorically killing the game at the moment bringing folks together under an umbrella of relavence.

Luhv is one to look out for – check out the single below.

Source: Daily Beat


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