and a of – in one – the on a righteous level as “” begins to do it’s work and sink in. Squeaky clean production and fluid arrangement take this experience to more places that one. The end result is something memorable, that the common person can easily get into and then some.

Influenced by artist such as Post Malone, Diplo, Daft Punk, , and more, he is not one to rule out any genre.

Danny Spade has also chosen, ‘Hooked,’ to act as an extended space for good.

100% of all proceeds, in relation to this single, will go to charity efforts. This is in parallel with support from established networks such as Musical Freedom, Trap Nation & Chill Nation.

With a thick timeline of achievements and accolades, Danny Spade brings something truly different to that table, especially given the even-competitive space of the global streaming space we are all now presently in.

Source: Daily Beat


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