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“The world is in limbo and going through a transition,” Dixon says about the ten-track set. “So is Innervisions, building a bridge between how we have done things in the past, and how we want to do things.” The compilation includes club-ready material from the likes of Denis Horvat, Lake People & Aera. It’ll be available digitally and on all major streaming platforms from December 18th.

The label has also collaborated with the artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos on an AR experience that allows listeners to create their own remixes. The interactive AR, available through the Innervisions Instagram, compiled loops based off of stems from Limbo tracks, forming one expansive remix. The user can then augment the dynamics of the AR experience to further remix the material.

This interplay between listener and artist will be continued on Innervisions’ 100th release, scheduled for 2021.

01. Aldebaran – Across The Sun feat. Filippo Nardini
02. Innellea – The Invention Of Flying
03. Auggië – Memory
04. Denis Horvat – Unikuum
05. Lake People – Divergence
06. Aera – Shallows
07. Shiffer – Voodoo Robotics
08. Skatman – What Is Real
09. Ditian – Fixed Nostalgia
10. Alican – Switch

Source: Techno Station


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