Sam aka Floating Points up for Thundercat‘s “Fair Chance,” finding a true sweet spot between artists who typically fall on opposite sides of the musical spectrum.

has never been one to box himself into a specific genre, but is often at his best when leaning into dancier beats. His latest treatment of “Fair Chance” finds him doing just that, elevating ’s sentimental sounding original to a peppy four-on-the-floor bop. Blipping synths arpeggiate over verses from Ty Dolla $ign and Lil B, giving a nod to the shuffling beats of UK garage while limiting the track to a softer state with a well-tempered mixdown.

The new release continues Thundercat’s ongoing remix treatment of his It Is What It Is LP, released on Brainfeeder earlier in the year. With a Late Night tour under his belt, Thundercat’s sound has proven ready for the masses, however standout remixes like this one help secure his place in the current underground. Listen to polished take on “Fair Chance” below.

Featured image: Amy Lombard

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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