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Bósa, up of and , teamed up with the legendary and illusive for an experimental fusion of both styles labeled an ominous title “Ouroboros.”

Seemingly fusing elements of a solid technically-inclined production beat with a thump alongside sounds like stringed guitars and well-selected instruments, “Ouroboros” is certain to turn heads as much as it will stand the test of time.

Bósa, with often a deeper, more profound direction within his genre selection embraced and music styles, was a natural fit given the end-energy of the track, simultaneously showing how to think about the genre of differently, via “Ouroboros.”

Beats Antiques, with Tommy on percussion, piano, and production, Zoe producing and often taking lead on elements such as costumes, travel, dance, ect., and David, a multi-instrumentalist playing many roles including songwriting, instrumentation, production, and more, are touring legends globally recognized and, particularly, beloved in the states.

With a discography that goes beyond a decade and always maintaining righteous relevancy that melds with their creative essence, it’s easy to be thankful their hand was in-play for this strong single.

Check out the single above for a full listen.

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