we was to the , BangOn!NYC us In My Elements – a safe and intimate open air in Northeastern, Pennsylvania. After a successful summer event, they’re bringing the vibes back September 25-28, 2020 with music from artists like Wax Motif, Golf Clap, and Westend and stage takeovers from Desert Hearts, Heart Beats NYC, and Camp Pickleback

The retreat will not only feature music, but lakeside mindful activities such as yoga, meditation, water sports, art classes and more.

Due to a 2-part active testing model, the last event resulted in ZERO reported cases of COVID-19. They’ve achieved this by requiring that everyone get tested one week before the event, while also rapid-testing everyone once they arrive on site.

Both tent camping and serval cabins options are available to accommodate your crew. Cabins include hot showers, bathrooms, and electricity and can hold up to 4 people, at half capacity, with plenty of room to distance yourself. 

Choose the package that best fits your needs and purchase here. 
Use code IMEHB52 for 10% off.

Source: Daily Beat


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