Rob Swire has let it the the Pendulum camp is incoming—in less than two weeks. The that a single from the drum ‘n’ bass outfit is incoming stems from a September 7 Twitter exchange between and a fan.

The news follows an enigmatic post that appeared on ’s Facebook page on September 3. Devoid of audio and depicting only a grey-scale kaleidoscopic visual, the imagery intimated to fans that had something in the works, which many unsurprisingly read as forthcoming music.

It appears that the stars have aligned for Pendulum’s following, which has not seen an official release from the group in the past 10 years. Despite Pendulum’s decade-long dormancy, signs of life were blissfully apparent in 2019, when the trio debuted unreleased content at their February 13 show in Perth. The elusive song, “Nothing For Free,” never made it to digital streaming platforms, but thanks to Swire’s fortuitous Twitter admission, it’s very possible that it may soon get its wings, even if its not the single to break Pendulum’s silence.

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