After the of his full-length “Renaissance” LP in of , is with a brand new video for his track, “Behind My Eyes,” featuring the vocal talent of . The third song on his newly-released 13-track LP, is a true gem of a tune now accompanied by this new innovative music video visually fleshing out its already well-established magical qualities. In fact, his recent LP has been lauded as one of 2020’s best releases, with the album’s tracks being featured in both Apple TV & EA Sports commercials, in Riot Games’ Valorant and League of Legends games as well as in the recent trailer for the Amazon series “The Boys.”

“Behind My Eyes” subtly begins with a rich, flowing vocal from Montreal-based singer/songwriter LIA. Her sultry singing eventually gives way to the grandiose instrumentation and epic, no-holds-barred production elements courtesy of Apashe. An atmospheric sonic barrage through-and-through, the dynamic DJ/producer’s cinematic track was bound to eventually get the music video treatment at some point. Fans of the song can finally revel in the fact that it now has its visual counterpart, a vivid three-and-a-half minute music video that truly brings the vibe and lyrics to life. Filmed on location in Japan with longtime friend and collaborator Adrian Villagomez, it draws major inspiration from modern sci-fi films as well as from Street Fighter-esque fighting games.

Enjoy the great visual below and follow Apashe and LIA.

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