Released in 2018 as a celebration of his life, and 10 years of the record label he founded Sweat It Out, ’s single ‘I’m Hot’ is the embodiment of his spirit and sense of humour. From his legendary skills behind the decks, to his genuine enthusiasm, unwavering motivation, and pure innovative genius, will forever be remembered as our mentor, the Dance Legend.

A time warp back to the height of the electro era, two of Australia’s greatest in and , who together make up the inimitable sounds of honour their friend with a personal take on the spirited single, with Nicky and Michael () sharing “Ajax, besides being Ajax, was to us almost a spiritual guru, a guided and sometimes misguided light to many of us in the scene. He had impeccable taste and timing, and was someone who we were always bouncing stuff off for an opinion. When we started Van She, the only one who played our music was AJAX on FBi Radio, which eventually led to our signing with Modular Records.

The remix came about after one night out. We went back to Michael’s place, where he was staying in LA in the hills, and pumped out an emotional tribute to our friend featuring a snippet of him slagging us off (in a loving manner) in an interview. Hopefully he’d approve. Jax forever.”

With A-list remixes previously released by Crookers, Sneaky Sound System, K.I.M (of The Presets), and Sinden, the special new remix from Van She Tech is the icing on the cake.

Happy birthday Ajax!



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