At the of , New , Heremotionss, a her debut single, ‘Lipstick’. Now fellow New York producers, Karel Ullner and Draniods, give ‘Lipstick’ the remix treatment, transforming the single into a dance music hit.  

With that girl-next-door who wears her heart on her sleeve appeal, we were interested in getting to know more about the inspiring young producer, , so we reached out for an interview. Enjoy reading her story and be sure to follow her on Twitter and SoundCloud to hear what she comes out with next.

What is the significance of your track ‘Lipstick’?

‘Lipstick’ is a huge significance for me because this is my introduction for the whole world to see who Heremotionss is!  The messages I want to get across in my music is the emotions I’ve experienced in my life so far. When you look at my music, you’re essentially looking at a journal of my life. When Karel and remixed my song Lipstick,
it gave a whole new feel to the original. It feels like a totally different song!

What got you first interested in electronic music?

I would have to say electronic music has always been around me! Growing up my first introduction to electronic music was listening to Cascada songs like “A Neverending Dream”, “Bad Boy”, and “Miracle” from Youtube videos, to nightcore edits with various songs in them, to even listening to popular music growing up on the radio. Even though I am an Alternative/Pop artist, electronic music has been a huge impact on me because I’ve been around it my whole life.

What is next for Heremotionss?

I am very excited to say I am working on my EP at the moment. My EP is in the very early stages right now, and I am piecing everything together. So far it’s been such an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to show the whole world my EP when it’s complete! In addition, to my EP I am working on some brand new singles as well!

Heremotionss Online: 

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