the of his and Kasra’s ’ to his first solo release of the year. It’s been worth the wait as Enei leads with the huge title track ‘Voices’ and continues the trend with four more essentials of aggressive, abrasive drum & bass, ready to shake up any DJ set.

To say that Enei has been on a roll of late is an understatement. To say that this roll has had one rock solid release after another is simply accurate. I’d hate to bore you all with making a predictable statement but…guess what? Yeah you got it, Enei is back and crushing it yet again. Why am I not surprised? I honestly don’t know what you can say about a producer that has a pace of delivering about an EP every 3 months or so that isn’t self evident. So, let’s just dive in.

The EPs name sake ‘Voices’ rolls in with atmospheric synths and some random stabs. Sparse vocals and it psyches you out with a fake drop. At the real drop it groans in with a nasty sounding synth and then really hits the road with that straight ahead tech step (ish) drum line full of sharp clean snares in dialog with a filthy but subtle sub and a modulated bass line. A really nice groove all around and it rides the line of mysterious and familiar. It’s a dance floor mover and no limited warranty is needed cuz that’s a guarantee.

‘Recoil’ on the surface of it sounds like a super minimal piece with just a boom tap snare and a simple growling bass line. But, then slowly adds one element after another. As it becomes clear that this track isn’t what it appeared to be at first the vocal element kicks in and it really starts a groove. How did things get here? Did you miss how he did that? Pretty slick right? That’s ok…the breakdown gives you another chance to sort it out.

‘Fate’ brings in the MC talents of . I dunno about you, but it wouldn’t be an Enei effort without Jakes in the mix somewhere. Better yet makes an appearance. Jakes leads it in from the intro. Another ‘minimalist’ line….this time with a squelcher of a jump-up sub with plenty wub wub to play against Jakes‘ lyrics. He gives you a little philosophy lesson and if you’re not careful you might actually learn something listening to this one.

‘Rollin Machine’ starts out with a staggered triplet snare line that clunks up to the drop. Add some blips bleeps and bloops and then this background steady grind of a sub and the over all effect has the feel of a dancing rhythm machine that is literally shaking itself apart; yet somehow keeps moving forward. A machine that was made by a mad scientist for no other reason than just because they could. It keeps rolling on despite itself. Like it’s almost as surprised as you are.

‘Icon Face’ has another staggering triplet snare hi-hat and kick line; but with a different vibe. It’s more a of flow on this one and at the drop has a deep sea sounding synth that pulls it forward talking back and forth with the bass line that is oddly melodic. Lot’s of texture on this one and understated subtle effects that really keep you listening and guessing.

Enei can do it all and there’s something for everyone on ‘Voices’. Another fine addition to the catalog.



Critical Music

Source: DNB Vault


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