is a bit of a a to their existing artist name and starts releasing music under another.  Such was the case local native started releasing music under his IRL name, .

Fast forward two or so years since the break and we’ve got a surprising album under his JA namesake and it’s become obvious why it had to happen. While Mall Grab has become a staple of heavy rave leaning offerings (cop a mixtape of Mall Grab, by Mall Grab), his Jordon Alexander output is more vague, playful and experimental.

Dubbed ‘Ohana’ the reality of the release is something without the intention of any seriousness, but also a glimmer of honesty and candidness from the Australian producer. What to expect? The 12-track album is cuts of ambient, drowsy guitar licks, soft melodica and even experimentation with his own vocals (E36, Watch The Flowers).

Something to power you through the week!

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music


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