We’re out! As to an end the are to grab a meal at their favorite restaurant. But for dance music fans, the hope for a dance floor is still a bit of time away.

As we try to stay positive, we’re graced with this high-energy ride from New Delhi-based .

Klipr is back with a whopping 6 track EP, aptly ‘Lockdown’ this EP explores the realms of and really shows off Klipr’s creative flair. The titles of the 6 tunes include ‘Love Of ’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘All Night’, ‘Johnny Relax’, ‘False Move’ and last but not least ‘Don’t Tell Me’.

Every single song offers something fresh, each with intricate melodies and downright infectious grooves. The is exceptional work from Klipr and is just what we all need right now. His previous have been more on the progressive or electropop vibe but has clearly surpassed himself with this new House sound.

The New Delhi based artist makes music that captures the energy and excitement you would expect to feel at a festival (which is definitely something the world needs right now). Klipr has used both his international and domestic experiences of the electronic music scene as a flagstone in his productions and uses his knowledge to transcend into a variety of genres.

Klipr’s love for the music scene has inspired him to create music that will help fellow dance music lovers like him to dance during this difficult time. The Lockdown EP is out now in Klipr’s very own imprint Streamin’ Music Group.

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