‘s is one of the and series’ in the & business. This EP from , one of Manchester’s most talented up and coming producers, represents a return to the roots of the series by once again offering up a solid platform for young talent to shine. Niterider is a next generation, next level producer whose work rate and unique sound is un-matched. Heavy-weight rolling business.

Niterider has a great origin story. Legend has it that way back in 1997 when the Jungle/Drum & Bass scene was really getting rolling he borrowed his older brothers Sony Walkman which had a Brockie & Det tape in it. And that was it, he was hooked right away. Constantly hitting up his brother for the latest tapes that he’d bought at raves. Too young to go to raves, he campaigned to his parents to buy him a set of decks and they eventually gave in. You see, Niterider knew right away exactly what he wanted to dedicate himself to. He basically locked himself in his room and mixed DnB until he was old enough to go to events.

Eventually, he got the chance to go and wasted no time. And he knew right away that he had to take the next step and start producing. He met Rowney & Propz in 2008 at a club in Manchester and in 2010 they formed the Smokescreen label together. He was off and running, gaining the attention of scene heavies such as Macky Gee quickly.

His long time devotion and dedication really shows in his recent effort ‘Pull Up’. The most recent addition to the Liondub ‘Street Series’, that has delivered one bar raising release after another.

From the soundtrack movie intro sounds of ‘Illegal Op’ to the rolling vibes of ‘Shots Fired’ to the heavy sub bass rumbles and warped pads of ‘Hermit’ or the jump up classic wub wub feel of ‘Pull Up’ with it’s heavy like hammer bass line; Niterider does a fantastic job of weaving together elements of classic Jungle and modern popular filthy Jump Up lines.

Without painting himself in a corner and limiting the sounds to a pigeon hole or pandering to trends; Niterider blends these all together while mixing in his love of other genre influences such as reggae and hip-hop into his own unique sound. ‘Pull Up’ is an excellent and noteworthy addition to the ‘Street Series’. Which by now you should all know is never to be missed.

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