by on 27, 2020

are two out music in times of crisis. Their latest, ‘ The Ice,’ is a driving tech- groove that will leave you warmed up and ready to mingle.

The duo has made a name for themselves behind a string of lively releases and festival-ready mixes. The pair likes to toe the line, being both light and fun while also dark and groovy. ‘Break The Ice’ is precisely that. Like many tracks in this niche, the record finds its backbone in a pulsing, minimal synth bass that is sure to shake the subwoofers. The percussions are left minimally sparse so that all of your attention and movement can be focused on this core element, and it works to perfection.

This minimal approach to production by no means says that this track lacks depth. On the contrary, snarky cowbells, subtle effects, and various details are rewarded to those who give this track multiple listens. And it is difficult not to hit the repeat button. This track possesses a rare momentum that is short, sweet, and effective. It starts with a bang and propels you to its end as you clamor for that repeat button. 

The duo’s affection for fun is found in the vocal sample of which the track finds its name. This vocal is chopped, mangled, and repeated throughout the record to spice up ever bar, making it exciting and fresh from start to finish. Bright synth sequences with wiggling LFOs work to heighten the groove established from the onset of the track, and wrap everything up nice and cohesively.  

Having already hit significant milestones in their careers, including extensive tours and massive parties, this masked duo shows no signs of slowing down. Check out their latest release, ‘Break The Ice,’ along with a wealth of extraordinary mixes uploaded to the duo’s SoundCloud page.

Source: House – FreshNewTracks


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