Vril his new on Bad , the number as the title of the record: ‘Bad Manners 4’.

As is to be expected of the Giegling affiliate, delivers seven tracks of twisted, rough, and pounding techno. There’s plenty of versatility within, with ’s trademark tweaked, off-kilter production shining throughout the record.

Our , ‘Biohak’, particularly appeals to the techno lovers, with a strident bassline that taps into reserved energy stores. Combined with panning white-noise grain and mercilessly looping percussion rhythms, the track rides high on peak-time energy without overstepping — there’s restraint enough that the track doesn’t seek to overpower, but it succeeds in holding firm command throughout the 7-minute ride.

Destined for headphones and bedroom turntables before newly-opened dancefloors, Vril’s album lands at a pensive time for dance music, yet a temporary one. The producer’s timeless touch on ‘Bad Manners 4’ ensures this is not just a drop in the ocean, but a record many will continue to turn to after the long curfew is lifted.

‘Bad Manners 4’ is scheduled for release in both vinyl and digital formats on 17 April.


A1. Scalar
B1. Biohak
B2. Verkunstungstraktat
C1. Nosode
C2. Kruqz
D1. Psionik
D2. Free World Order

Source: Inverted Audio


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