It it has a hot I got to my , release a new track. Now with the quarantine, we have to be focusing on bringing the vibes while we couch rave. Those of us who couldn’t necessarily afford festival tickets were ready for this moment. This is where comes in big.

His latest track, “Movies” is the perfect track to get you hyped up despite the fact that you’ve been wearing the same pair sweat pants for the last 8 days. It helps as this track is the perfect track to practice your shuffling in the living room on the slippery hard floors. The vocals will have you making tik-toks in your laundry room. It kills me because this track deserves to be heard on the speakers so prepare yourself to throwdown post-quarantine and keep this track on your playlist as it is worth it! Check out “Movies” now!

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The Embarrassing Rowdy Gentlemen who befriends the worthy. I love going to shows. I love all music. I love having a good time. You can always find me at a bar or club. My drink of choice: Double Maker’s Mark on the rocks. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @ByTheWavs

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