based Chris us his release “” via . The “” hitmaker returns with yet another mood-lifting single that will send chills up the spine. His track pays homage to the 90’s classic “” by . Malinchak cohesively blends the sample with a melodious groove that will feverishly warm the soul. The lush vocals and hint of nostalgia is the perfect recipe for good vibrations. Malinchak’s new release gives us a glimpse into his debut full-length album, which will be dropping later this year.  

Sway with your sweetie, to Chirs Malinchak’s earwarm ‘Somebody’.

“About a year ago, it felt like the right time to make an album. “Somebody” was one of the first songs I made, and this release seems like a proper introduction. It talks about finding that deeper connection we’re all looking for in a time when we’ve never been so connected. It also reminds us to have fun and to take chances. Lots of bass, claps, and Terror Fabulous helps us do it.” 

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Universally known for his organic and style, Chris Malinchak bridges the gap between jazz, r&b, and . In 2013 he dropped his breakout hit So Good To Me” which reached #2 on the UK charts, hit #1 on Shazam’s most searched songs, and sold over 200K copies in the UK. Malinchak has graced stages at , , and in Ibiza. There are no limits when it comes to his signature sound which leaves an incredible foundation for his future.

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