has new on Ed , his new his 2018 single “Another You” featuring Ruckazoid.

It’s like the old band has gotten back together with So-Me on art duties and David Berland, who has worked across a number of Breakbot and Ed Banger releases in the past on the mixing front.

The new track is called “Be Mine Tonight” and will also feature , who has actually worked with Breakbot before on a previous single (Don’t Stop The Dance) back in 2018.

While we haven’t got a sample of the new music yet ahead of its release on Friday, we’re expecting groovy basslines, wandering chords and 80s-esque energy which we’re all about!

When chatting with Breakbot a few years back he told us what disco music meant to him;

It means, in a way, a type of psychology. It’s a way to get away from your trouble and your worries and your everyday things. Disco is a good way to forget about your troubles and get rid of them!

Check out the artwork below before it’s release this Friday on Ed Bang Records / Because Music.

Source: Stoney Roads | Latest News in Electronic and Dance Music


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