HUNTER may not be a , but a of dance ’s evolution for quite some time. The -based producer has helmed an ultra-successful party series for years, though now expanding the scope of the brand with a newly emerging label, a new sound, and perhaps best of all, a new perspective on things. Equipped with a brooding new -inspired sound, is rolling out a new EP, I Might Forgive I Don’t Forget, led by a menacing opener, “The First Time.” Ahead of the EP’s release, HUNTER told Dancing Astronaut,

“After a year of work and preparation its very exciting to be entering this new chapter of my career. Looking at the calendar and seeing that I have more music on that way than ever before is rewarding after slaving away on it for so long. I’ve put a lot into this music and truly feel its the best reflection of my taste and influences to date and I’m excited to tell a story with it and especially release it on my own label and be in control of my own destiny.”

On his newly burgeoning imprint, HUNTER elaborates,

“After [five] extremely successful years of events we have finally made a jump to being more of an all encompassing brand and I couldn’t be more proud of our team or the community we’ve built around us. I think turning it into a label is the best possible path…it gives a voice to the brand on a world level and showcases to everyone who we are.”

“The First Time” is a shadowy, mysterious cut, that pops and hisses through a haunting industrial soundscape. The track is oozing with noir appeal, setting a dramatic tone for the impending I Might Forgive I Don’t Forget EP.

Featured image: Jessie Walker

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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