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Container, the of US Ren Schofield, arrives on ALTER with a new album.

The first of his full-length releases not be called LP, the title SCRAMBLERS refers to both a Rhode Island diner that Schofield used to visit with his father and Baltimore slang for a form of raw heroin. “The juxtaposition between these two Scramblers is a great one”, explains the producer. “I wanted to pay homage to a nice name that lends itself to both depraved and wholesome contexts and do my part to carry on the tradition.”

Recorded, mixed and mastered all in a single day using a minimal setup that includes a Roland MC-909, a four-track portastudio and a variety of effects pedals, the new album’s eight tracks developed from Schofield’s intense live performances.

SCRAMBLERS arrives on March 20 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below, and watch artists Chrissy Jones’s video for the track ‘NOZZLE’ above.


02. ‘NOZZLE’
03. ‘TRENCH’
04. ‘MOTTLE’
08. ‘DUSTER’

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Source: FACT Magazine: Transmissions from the underground


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