Listeners who for speakers shake will find their production dream team in Klutch and TVBOO on “Prophet.” A jagged cut that sonically toes hip-hop and bass territory, “Prophet” is Klutch and TVBOO’s flippant foray into hybrid craftwork.

Fervently spat verses add a belligerent vocal flair to a single that sources much of its grit from growling bass lines. The tonal textures of the low-end are on full auditory display on “Prophet.” Flaunting not only their production talent, but also their lyrical capability, Klutch and TVBOO double as featured artists, delivering the first and second verses of “Prophet,” respectively. To take a conjectural cue from the track’s title, Dancing Astronaut forecasts that the aggressive stylistic amalgamation will swiftly claim a place on bass enthusiasts’ playlists.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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