Melbourne EEEMUS has been creating music for the better part of the last decade. This modern, masterful producer has developed a worldwide following as a result of his intriguing and powerful take on techno.

A perfect balance of heavy driving basslines and distinct darkness has led to a rapidfire of track signings with major labels such as ​Digital Structures​, ​JOOF Recordings​, ​Iboga Records​, Dear Deer Records, as well as local labels ​Bassic Records​ and ​Recovery Collective​.

Next week the talented producer will hit Brisbane to play alongside Israeli electronic musician Perfect Stranger at iconic underground music venue Sub Rosa.

Who the F*ck is ? Describe your sound and where your name came from?

Hahahahahaha yeah that question is slowly getting answered. I have a bit of a unique style and sound with the music I produce and play. I get inspiration for a vast variety of music genres and styles and bring them all together in my music and my DJ sets.

I don’t like to pigeon hole myself into one genre or sound, but I’d say the closest to a description would be Progressive Techno with a world and psychedelic touch.

I got the name from back in the day, for a short time all my friends used to call me Shamus coming from my name Shane. One of my friends Amber used to call me EEEMUS. We would right random notes to each other and she would spell it with 3 E’s which really grabbed me. So I’ve been EEEMUS ever since…….

This year you quit your day job to work entirely on music. Congratulations! Describe your journey to this point and how scary it was quitting your job?

Thank you!! Yeah it was a big step quitting my full-time job to work completely on music. It was getting to a stage where I wasn’t able to do all the different things I wanted to do, and I was noticing that not being able to completely focus on music was holding me back from evolving to the next tier. I wasn’t scared at all about quitting my day job, I was actually very excited about it!!

Then the first weekend after quitting work, I was driving back from ‘Blazing Swan’ festival in W.A. and I had a swarm of gig offers come. Ever since then I have been constantly busy with all amazing events and festivals and production projects. It was really great that it took off straight after leaving my job as was a great sign from the universe that I made the right decision.

You’ve worked on some major collabs this year, tell us how you ended up working with the legend that is JOOF and what you got up too when he was last here in Australia?

Yeah it’s been a huge year for collaborations so far, with a heap more in the works. Was such an honour have to JOOF come over to my studio and work with him in person for our next collaboration track.

John msged me saying he had a spare day here in Melbourne while he was doing his Australian tour and asked if I’d like to do a studio day with him.

We have made a track together called “Drop From The Vile” which was done over the internet, so was good to be able to bounce Ideas back and forth in person whilst both being in the studio together.

Melbourne Artist EEEMUS has had a huge year of collaborations including John “OO” Fleming.

We worked out a rough idea before he came to Australia, so I could make a base to the track that we could use as a solid piece to work with. Then while in the studio we spent the day working out the main idea, feel and direction of the track. Currently I’m working on the track and will then send it back and forth until its finished.

What was your last release and what sort of feedback has it seen?

My last release was a remix I did for Gabriel Moraes. It has a very dark and heavy vibe and the feedback I’ve been getting has been really good. I had been playing the track out for a while now in my sets which always gets a great response from the crowd. I also have a collaboration coming out with Gabriel Moraes which I’m excited about as well.

You’re headed back to Queensland to play a gig with Perfect Stranger in Brisbane. Tell us about your connection with this artist and what we can expect from the upcoming show?

I’m very excited to be coming back up to Queensland again and to be touring Australia with Perfect Stranger. Perfect Stranger (and his techno alias Yuli Fershtat) is such an amazing artist and inspiration.

He is one of the only DJs who fully captures my brain and ears with his DJ sets, creating such amazing dancefloor moments and always leaving me wanting more, which doesn’t happen very often with me.

I’ve been releasing songs on his label “Digital Structures” since 2014. I’ve remixed one of his songs before and under his Yuli Fershtat alias he has remixed my track “Ripped To Shreds” (Such a killa remix!!) We are currently collaborating on an EP which I’m very excited about. It’s going to be such an honour playing alongside his two acts around Australia. Can’t wait!

You’re no stranger to the Australia festival circuit, where can we expect to see EEEMUS playing this summer?

I’ve been very lucky to play around Australia at all the amazing festivals we have here. It’s so good to be able to travel with my music and meet so many amazing people. Coming up so far I have Subsonic in December, Rainbow Serpent Festival in January and Where The Wild Things Are in February.

EEEMUS sets the vibe at Sunshine Coast Festival Elements. Photo Credit: Dan Martin Photography

You recently played Elements festival here in Queensland. Tell us about your set and what you thought of the festival? Did you have time to get amongst it?

Had a great set on the Friday night at Elements, playing on the Sonic Sorcery stage before the opening ceremony. It was so much fun, everyone was in such an excited mood as the festival had just started and everyone was hanging for a dance!

Elements is such a great festival, I’ve been lucky enough to play there all three years. I spent almost the whole time there at the festival which was great as really got to soak it all in and enjoy myself. I love Elements, there is always such a great crowd and lovely vibe there.

What Australian electronic artists are on your radar musically at the moment, underground or otherwise?

There is a great number of Australian producers and DJs at the moment – Australia has a very healthy scene at the moment which is great to see. One of my favourite Australian artists is a Melbourne producer/DJ named Moontide. He plays amazing Organica/downtempo world-influenced music and I really connect with it.

What’s on the horizon for you next year? What does 2020 look like for EEEMUS?

Production-wise I have a lot of collaborations in the works with a wide variety of big artists from all different genres of which I’m very proud and excited about. I’m really lucky to be able to work together with such amazing artists to create unique sounds and music.

I’m planning on going to Europe next year for their summer and maybe a bit of other traveling so I’m hoping that I will be playing at a few different places over there. Thanks heaps for taking this time to do an with me! Love to all my fans!!

Keen to see EEEMUS play next week in Brissy? Buy tickets here.

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