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Sulphur via Empathy Corp, the new label that Pris co-founded earlier this year with Deejay Astral. It features four tracks, including the expansive and breaks-y ‘Discovery’ streaming below, and sees the Berlin-based producer exploring new sounds as he reflects on his career thus far.

“I wanted this EP to show the side to techno that I see and want to share: colourful, energetic and painting a picture of where I’m at musically and my interpretation of what techno can be,” he writes on Bandcamp. “I realised that I enjoy playing tracks with breaks in and decided to play around with them a bit myself for this EP as an experiment on how to build energy.”

Sulphur City is out on November 29 via Empathy Corp. Preorder it here and find the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Discovery’
02. ‘Soft Viral’
03. ‘Sulphur City’
04. ‘Twlight Falls’

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Source: FACT Magazine: Transmissions from the underground


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