Hulking hardware rhythms

Leaving ambient in the rearview

Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri is an enigima. One of the most diverse producers I’ve come across of late. Switching effortlessly between the experimental drone and ambient (click here for live clip from Klang) he performs under his own name and the dark brooding timbres he creates as Plaster.

“I feel oppressed by the fast consuming of our society. Love, friendship, spirituality and our relation with technology, needs a pure consciousness, not influenced by violence and disruptive capitalism. This is what Recall means for me.“

Plaster aka Gainclaudio Hashem Moniri

Both of the offerings on this 2 track release feel like a direct response to the oppression. The second track “Harden”, feels like earbud candy for a day of solid political dissent. Aggressive percussive synth patterns stab their way between a lazy off beat kick. An interesting vocal sample and the shadow of an acid line bind it all together. In reality, though it is the more up tempo of the two tracks, it pales in comparison to track one.

Mongrel begins almost as a whisper of white noise. The serenity is short lived. Thick with distortion, the kick and bassline drag the track forward in an awkward perfection. A haunting cut up loop of dirty vocals drives home the ominous overtones. It has the vibe of Godzilla making his way towards Tokyo. Big, bad and really really pissed, ready to f$%k shit up.

Emotive, dark and distorted. A relentless momentum, not unlike the capitalism that inspired it. “Recall” is available now on Kvitnu.

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